Paradise Pyres by F. P. Fawks

A bipolar love story with real world lessons? This might make a great gift – and you don’t even have to tell the person what it is about. Just let them read it. See if it sinks in.

Am I borderline Bi-polar ?

Slohn is the Corporate Operations officer for a large philanthropic foundation. He and his wife have long been suffering from a loveless marriage. To attempt to put it back together, they have scheduled a week-long trip to the Island of Bimini.

Madison had been married for 15 years and her sex life came to an end after only 5 years of marriage. She and her husband have scheduled a week-long getaway to Bimini. She was determined to restart her love life to feed her almost addictive need for sexual fulfillment. Within the boundaries of her marriage, she has been reduced to relying on various sex toys to satisfy her hyper-sexuality.

One moonlit night, Slohn and Madison serendipitously meet on the beach. A passionate, sexual encounter engulfs them which begins a torrid extramarital relationship.

Madison’s personality has other facets beyond hyper-sexuality. She is suffering from a rare disorder that renders her all but incapable of maintaining interpersonal relationships. She fears abandonment. She has an unstable self-image. Her moods are intense and change rapidly. She often feels empty or bored. She has real problems controlling her anger. Stress related paranoia causes her to imagine situations that aren’t there. All of these manifest themselves in her relationship with Slohn. It is caprice to say the least.

Their passionate love affair becomes tumultuous and irrational. Slohn is devastated and confused. Their romance becomes an on-again-off-again affair which ends abruptly more than once but ultimately in finality.

Slohn meets Fariba on a business trip. Fariba is a psychologist. She listens intently to Slohn’s story and offers to help him better understand what he has gotten himself caught up in.

Fariba guides Slohn through the tangled aspects of his former lover’s personality disorder and provides him with an understanding he has agonizingly needed.

The book is specifically written for the direct benefit of the sufferer to help lead them to an understanding of their behavior which can be equally confusing to them as it is those close to them who are trying to cope with this disorder.


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